Since my early years, I have been involved with my parents’ software development company learning valuable business and computer science skills giving me an interest in the fields. I have also been actively volunteering for several organizations and started organizations of my own to continue my volunteering efforts. I can say that I am a social entrepreneur, always looking to help others from my experiences.



Nonprofit and Corporate Philanthropy Awards
The San Antonio Business Journal hosts its fifth annual Nonprofit & Corporate Philanthropy Awards recognizing people and businesses that have made a difference in the community over the past year.
Rishabh Jain is honoree of Nonprofit and Corporate Philanthropy Award “Rising Star”

Dream Donations

Dream Donations is a non-profit organization that feeds the homeless. I started the Dream Donations concept in June of 2019, serving excess food from restaurants to the homeless. We served over 300 loaves of bread from Subway to the San Antonio Rescue Mission in 2019. When COVID-19 hit in the first few months of 2020, restaurants couldn’t provide excess food, and many shelters closed down due to COVID-19 protocols. I modified the model to pay restaurants struggling from the impacts of COVID-19 to produce meals for the homeless so that Dream Donations could continue. I have been serving food to the homeless in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas so far with hopes to expand even further. Dream Donations has fed over 2000 meals and raised over $3600 in this new model’s first few months. I hope to continue serving the homeless until no one in the world sleeps hungry.


San Antonio's COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool

In March of 2020, COVID-19 was at a peak, especially in Texas. San Antonio was not prepared to handle too many patients resulting in a shortage of testing kits. I approached the city’s CIO, Mr. Craig Hopkins, to help develop a software, which he gladly accepted. I took the initiative to design a self-screening tool for the city with the help of professional programmers. I spent over several hours learning more about how I can make the website within a few days. After going back and forth with the city government on updates and changes for the website for a week, the city approved it and launched it on its official city website on March 23rd. Some minor changes needed to be done after launch to ensure it provides the most accurate data. Now, there have been over 150,000 users so far, and more come every day.


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Eagle Project

To achieve highest Rank of Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout Rank, I performed a community service project. I decided to take on a larger project than the typical Eagle Project. My project was to beautify 1300 square foot of picnic area at a local temple, Hindu Temple of San Antonio, Helotes, Texas, which was not being used because of it being cluttered and untidy. The project involved cleaning area, it included weed killing, edging and collecting dried foliage, place stone pavers along the perimeter, spreading soil to plant shrubs, placing weed protector and spreading mulch, sand and paint benches and place in spot of old benches, pressure wash the base for benches and finally clean the entire area once again. The project cost was over $1300 and it took over 10 hours between two days to complete the task. Due to COVID-19, I could only have 8 volunteers at a time as we had to maintain social distancing. The final outcome was beautiful and serene and all the hard work was worth it. Now visitors will be able to enjoy their meals in this panoramic and spectacular environment.